SableVivant was a Brussels and Paris based technological art duo and research lab, active between 2009 and 2012. During this time, it produced several interactive installations combining artificial intelligence, creative coding and media design. SableVivant was founded by Roman Miletitch (engineer and researcher specialized in artificial intelligence) and Raphaël de Courville (designer and creative technologist) as a platform for experiment, learning and self-expression through technology. This website will remain as a trace of our collaboration.

Roman Miletitch is still enjoying Brussels (who wouldn’t?) and founded OTS Brussels, a free school on new technology and digital art open to all. He continues his work as a digital artist while finishing his Ph.D. in artificial intelligence.

Raphaël de Courville moved to Berlin where he pursues a career as a designer and new media artist. There, he co-founded Creative Code Berlin, a community initiative and a program of events around art and technology. Say hi @sableRaph on Twitter.